A felt penguin, by Lupin

There's a lot of talk about paper at the moment. It's the new technology, or summat. So, I'm very excited to be going to bookcamp this weekend. It's an event organised by Penguin (and James and Russell) to look at the future of the book, publishing, reading and anything else in that sort of bookish arena. Papercamp is going to be running alongside, for discussions and creations of a papery nature. The agendas for both are shaping up nicely.

It's full up now so I'm not here to gloat, just to say that I'm going and that if you're going too it would be nice to meet you. I haven't been to a -camp before (except a holiday camp, har har) so amn't quite sure what to expect. But I expect it will be good.

Bespoke Penguin by Lupin. Sadly not available in bookshops.

Have fun, it looks like a great event and I'm glad you brought libraries up. I'm finding I'm using ours more than ever, I have a private Amazon wishlist for library books and it's great spending time with the online library catalogue reserving them, especially now we have free reserves in Edinburgh. Be good if I could have my wishlist on my library account though.

Gloat away - I'm sure it will be great. Russell's writings about the subject on his blog have been really very interesting.

DW x

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