I'm getting nowhere fast this week. Got a lot of work on, and housework after that's done, and I've hurt my arm from too much computering so need to go and do something more boring instead. In the absence of anything new here might I recommend the following blogs:

There seems to be a general blogging slowdown at the moment, but this lot are weathering the storm with a series of delightful things, just as it should be. Apart from that, I feel like I'm in an awful rut with my reading (well, a nice rut really, but still a rut) so if you can recommend anything that isn't on the blogroll that would be smashing.

Which blogs are tickling your collective fancies at the moment?

I always find these kinds of posts so generous ... like one chef recommending another.

Thanks for the link Anne.

I've been enjoying these lately:




Some things on Monster Munch might be up your street:


How's your arm? Is that some kind of RSI? Can you do anything for that except rest it?

Hope you feel better soon...

Thanks Spud, Monster Munch is a new one on me and it looks great.

DW x

Yes, I'll echo those sentiments. Monster Munch looks right up my street. Thanks Spud.

My arm is a bit better. It is RSI from using the touch pad on my laptop at the wrong angle. It was really bloody painful but I've been in meetings most of the week so it's easing off. Hazards of the job, eh?

Hope you can convince employers to get you a fancy (er, ergonomically-sustainable, ultra-low-impact, no-risk-of-unison-supported-suing) alu compact mac BT keyboard - the really small one - and the heavier BT mac mouse with the 2 AA batts - essential if you're using an indifferent/rubbish PC laptop which are just awful to operate 8/5. Plus the position of your taskchair armrests (you do have armrests?...) relative to your desk height makes a crucial difference - they need to be level - I've found at least.
Plus get rid of any mousemat you're still using - mousetracking should be 100% without a mat - then you're not constantly dragging your whole arm to compensate for Bill G's shoddy thoughtless ergonoms.

I like:

http://scaryduck.blogspot.com/ because he makes me laugh


http://carnalis.blogspot.com/ for various reasons...

Apropros nothing, I saw John Gordon Sinclair in Pizza Express in Guildford on Sunday. I've never asked anyone for an autograph since I got Bobby Moore when I was seven, but I was THIS close...

May I recommend:
Ornamental Passions (http://ornamentalpassions.blogspot.com/);

Your Face (http://yourfaceblog.blogspot.com/);

and my new favourite, London Shop Fronts (http://londonshopfronts.tumblr.com/).


Recommended reading

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