Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008

I was delighted to get Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet in the post this morning. Ben and Russell have printed off bits of the internet and turned it into a beautiful newspaper. It's such a smart idea. Totally simple but shocking in a way. The web in print.

It's a great read. Even though I've read most of the pieces before (because they're from blogs I like) it felt like reading the most interesting magazine ever. It's got a lovely tone - smart, considered, quirky, intelligent, and it looks beautiful. I'm biased of course because I'm in it, which made me very proud. The Bakelite Museum takes up half the back page.

The Bakelite Museum in print

It gave me a bit of a scare seeing my words in print. Funny how it seems much more permanent. Which is weird because which is more permanent (or less impermanent) now - print or online. They both spread and degrade in different ways. That's what I like about this - it's different. Makes you think. Anyway, Beekr has more detail, Ben has photos of it being made. I'm not going to say any more because you should really see it in the flesh, as it were. If you want one contact Ben at the intriguingly titled Really Interesting Group. There are only 1000 so get in quick.

Its nice to see the quick, ephemeral nature of stuff on the internet be given a home. Congrats on getting to print.

As someone who works in publishing who is sick of seeing "Print is Dead" stories everywhere this warmed my heart. The web is dead!

Thanks for posting this. They sent me a copy and it's made me very smug on the tube reading this instead of Metro.

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