At the end of last year I was pretty skint and miserable determined to find a way of making my sites pay for themselves. I do them because I enjoy it, but I'm struggling in all sort of ways (mostly time and money) and would like to find a way of at least covering my hosting costs. I spent a while looking at the options: text links aren't for me; sponsorship (who? what? how?) and ended up going for the safe option of an Amazon bookshop with some of my favourite titles displayed on every page. If you buy something here I get a small percentage, so it all helps.

I've kept it to books and DVDs I actually own, or have read/watched, and genuinely recommend. And it's books that are in the spirit of I like, rather than every book I've ever read. It's split into different categories - Travel and seaside, Design and illustration, Classic cafes, shops and food, Children's books, DVDs and Fun/funny and will no doubt grow over time.

In compiling it all I noticed that Front Cover: Great Book Jacket and Cover Design by Alan Powers appears to be out of print and is well worth snapping up. His companion volume on Children's Book Covers is also very good.

If you read this through RSS it won't trouble you at all and if you don't, I hope it's not too intrusive. Let's see how it goes.

I set up an Amazon bookshop last year but haven't made anything from it, but then it's not very obvious on the site and I don't have as many readers these days. I actually really like it when bloggers set these up as I always find something new to look out and it's interesting comparing content. I'm going to have to come back to yours when it's my stepdad's birthday (sadly not for months) as he would love some of the London books.

That's good. I like them too, to be honest and always like to see what others recommend. I doubt it will make much but it's still better than the other options!

I furrowed my brow about putting an Amazon bookshop link, but in the end I think it's no bad thing, and, considering all the work you put into your site, it'd be nice to see it be a bit more of a direct earner for you!

Stop beating yourself up! It's a great idea, and interesting to see your recommendations.

Re revenue streams, you might look at a bit of education lecturing - primary and secondary. Maybe integrate it with a workshop on blogging. Contact all your local art teachers/lecturers! Also, a wee go at journalism for the sat/sun sections on the stuff you like/journeys made etc would suit you I reckon. Then, once you've tested the water get yourself on that international design/arts conference circuit!

Hi Vicki - you're right! I said I'd stop giving myself a hard time this yearbut obviously forgot...

I like your blog btw.

Cordeaux - thanks. A few things to think about there!

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