Tweecret Santa package

Well, Tweecret Santa seemed to work. 56 trusting souls from the UK, US, Canada and Romania signed up and sent a gift costing £10 to someone they didn't know, or didn't let on that they knew anyway. So far 32 of the presents have been accounted for and you can see the results in the Tweecret Santa Flickr pool. There's some mighty fine stuff in there - a Japanese lucky owl, a beautiful felt bag, a very cool robot kit, library book stickers and a Mr T tea towel, a lovely badger print and a duct tape purse.

I'm just about to go through through the list and make sure everyone got a present so if you got one and haven't posted it to the pool yet, please let me know. For those inevitably lost in the post, I'll try to sort something out with the gift-giver. Thanks to everyone who took part. I enjoyed seeing all the lovely things trickling in and the work that some people put into their gifts was truly awesome. Who's up for it next year?

I thought it was a great idea and very much in the spirit of the season. I got my gift and it was a lovely suprise on an otherwise uninspiring day, according to Flickr my gift arrived too . . .

And yes I'd be up for it again next year.

DW x

Twas an awesome idea, 10 points...


Thanks Anne, I enjoyed every bit of it - even the excruciating suspense while waiting for the recipient to Flickr their gift. I'm in for next year.

Yes - thank you for organising it, it's a lovely idea!

Love to join in next year! what a lovely idea!

Enjoyed it lots- and I agree foe about the suspense - nerve wracking.

Loved doing it, hope my present arrived safely...

Very good idea, loved getting a surprise parcel from a stranger. Bit worried mine hasn't arrived though, because nothing posted in Flickr...

Really enjoyed this, I loved choosing what to send and I loved what I received. Definitely would do it again.

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