We're just back from a very special weekend at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe (for 10 years of happily non-married bliss). It was smashing, The restoration by Urban Splash with help from Friends of the Midland has come up lovely.

The Midland Hotel, Morecambe

The building, designed by Oliver Hill, is just extraordinary. It looks great from every angle, inside and out. The way it's designed to curve along the bay gives everything a beautiful line. The artwork, by Eric Gill and Marion Dorn adds a bit of colour and the rest is mostly left to breathe.

A room in The Midland Hotel

The rooms, which had been gutted years ago, are modern and really comfortable. It's nice that they have some references to the original, like the seahorse motif in the shower.

Seahorse drain

Being Midland superfans, we bought the book (The Midland Hotel: Morecambe's White Hope) and sat comparing old and new. After befriending the manager, she gave us a tour of the Eric Gill room which has a huge hand-carved map of the north west of England on one wall. This used to be on the other wall of this room and was moved lock, stock and barrel. Yikes.

Eric Gill's map of the north-west of England

The building was closed for 12 years, went through a series of different owners and frankly it's a miracle that any of this has survived. It's a complete triumph. More photos in this Flickr set and in The Midland Hotel Flickr pool. They've got an offer on at the moment, two nights for the price of one so get yourself down (or up) there for a seaside treat.

More from Morecambe later in the week.

Looks fantastic Anne, I'm sorely tempted!
Oh and congrats on ten years of non-marriedness!!

Great to see that it's come up looking so good. The Eric Gill map is awesome, and I do not use that word every day!

Brilliant. I first visited about 10 years ago when the place really was in the doldrums - the foyer was full of mismatched 1970s sofas and the carpet was covered in chewing gum.

Shame they couldn't have moved the Jug Of Tea into the car park :-(

I was there too last week but midweek! Loved it but didn't get the full experience like you - was confined quickly to the bedroom with a very sickly youngster. But what a nice room to be stuck in...Shame that the view was concrete mixers where the jug of Tea once was. At least the Polo tower is still there.

Great shots. I have to wait until the summer for the full Midland experience (celebrating 8 years of married bliss). I am fortunate to live not too far from Morecambe so I can get my Midland & Brucciani's fix quite requlary, although it's not the same without the JOT!

Glad you also got Barry Guise's book is great.

Not sure what's happened but it's posted my comment 3 times. Sorry!

Jo - sorry to hear your wee one was ill. Hope they're all better. Our room was in the middle so we had a nice view right up the main street.

Hi Ruthie - we didn't make it to Brucciani's so it's a good excuse to go back! I did miss the JOT too though.

Great photos. So much that I wish I could go to the place myself. I saw a documentary about the refurbishment & thought itd be great to go.

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