Ladies and gentlemen, the lines are now closed and the votes have been counted and verified. The two new I like greetings cards, joining The Horn and Funland, are... Knickerbocker Glory and Teacup Ride. For the record the votes were as follows:

  • Knickerbocker Glory - 10
  • Teacup ride - 9
  • Chalet - 7.5
  • Shelters - 5.5
  • Boni's - 4
  • Barbapapa - 2 (and they weren't even in the running!)
  • Sweets - 1.5

So, thanks to everyone who commented. It's interesting how some people's favourites are other people's mehs, and some of the comments really made me think about what I'm trying to do. Anyway, I'll get them printed up and see how it goes.

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