I said at the start of the year that I would do more with my postcards. So, I'm dithering about doing some greetings cards.

It's been a funny thing, doing the postcards. Absolutely delightful in many ways (it's so good to make something that you can hold in your hand), really exciting that people buy them, but also a bit of a pain trying to get them into shops and generally offload them. It's given me a glimpse behind the scenes of the crafty explosion, where there are houses full of boxes, shops that don't pay up and overall quite a lot of faff for very little reward. Thankfully I'm seeing that on a very small scale though.

They sell pretty well where they are available (Present and Correct did a roaring trade over Christmas) but most shops won't take them on. I wonder if it's because they're postcards, or because they're not right for now, or they cost too much, or they're just not good enough. And confusion about all that stops me doing anything else, but then I go into a card shop and they're all so terrible that I can't believe there isn't a market for them. After some encouraging words from Allison at Lark I think I'm going to have a go, which is where I need some help. I'm going to get 4 designs printed, but which 4.

These two are definitely in:

Funland The Horn

But which two of these should make the cut?:

Teacup ride Knickerbocker glory Boni's Cafe Sweet shop Seaside shelters Chalet

Or none of them? Or something else? Would you buy them or are they just not right/good enough? Grateful as always for honest advice here. This is your chance to be the Simon Cowell of the greetings card world. Vote now!

Of those I'd use the ice cream one. Possibly the yellow hut too.

I'd definitely have the teacup ride, and then I'm not so sure, maybe the blue shelters. To be honest, I think Funland, the Horn and teacups are great, then I'm not sure the others are quite as striking. They work really well as a set but I suppose people buy greetings cards individually. Although it's a bit hard to tell from the small images - maybe the sweets would be good

Isn't that a coffee pot?

Anyway, I vote "Pot" and "Hut".

i'll add to the confusion by saying "knickerbocker glory" and "blue shelters".

I like the blue shelters and the cafe interior best as photos. But I'd have guessed that the sweeties and the teacup ride would have the broadest popular appeal?

I love all of the middle row -think they are really fantastic and colourful. I also like the little yellow beach house. The others don't appeal to me, but that isn't to say they wouldn't be someone else's perfect postcard. Love Chris x

Anne - My vote goes for Cafe and Hut!

But possibly because I have them on the wall at home!

Thanks everyone. Very valuable.

It's neck and neck at the moment. The chalet is out in front with 3.5, Teacup ride, Knickerbocker Glory and Boni's on 3, Blue shelters bringing up the rear on 2.5.

And yes, I guess that is a coffee pot Richard. But no one ever talks about a Coffee Cup Ride, do they (or do they)?

Wot, no Barbapapa?

Ah, the Barbapapas. I didn't think they were good enough, but what do I know?

Hullo Anne,

After much deliberation, I'll say Chalet and Teacup Ride would work best as cards.

Although Knickerbocker feels like a special occasion...

Hi Anne

I think it should be ice cream, tea cup ride and maybe the sweeties... yeah, fairly sure, oh can I change my mind?

Yay! The Horn! Me and my family all love the Horn.

I like the blue shelters and the sundae - but I think that the teaccups would have more general appeal than the shelters.

The opportunity to give people The Horn is just too good to miss.

The Horn is fab. I bet that sells well.

I vote for knickerbocker glory and sweets. Call me a cynical capitalist but I don't see why someone would send someone a picture of a hut.

Not 4, all of them. Have you looked at moo.com? But make them easier to buy on the site as well. Places like red door on victoria st should be keen to stock, no?

knickerbocker glory and beach hut everytime lady. i'll buy them for starters

Hi Anne-fabulous site. Now then, I used to buy at branch level cards (& books, but that's another story) for Waterstones. Actually several of us did-wasn't really considered that important (dear Lord-only one of the most profitable areas-proper Waterstone's attitude of old that was) & the important thing is none of us would agree to the others taste. So have a wide range. The other point is that cards are these days mostly serviced, so try those companies. Incidentally try the airports too-but I think you'll need stronger images for there. You do have some text on the other side explaining where, when, & why don't you? Good luck.

PS Teacup Ride-easily. Rest simply not 'enough' commercially-need a stronger exaggeration than I think you're comfortable with. Sorry; then again, only IMO. Howver, I was very taken with the Postman's Park set on NoToSH.

top 2 - seaside shelters
least favourite - jars of sweets

Ice cream and chalets, please.

teacups and blue shelters for me!

I love the yellow hut, and the knickerbocker glory

They are all lovely, and I most love the knickerbocker glory, but I think probably the coffeecup ride and Boni's would sell best. The Boni's could fit in the same niche as those RIBA photo cards that seem popular

The teacup-coffee-pot ride! I really love it, but I don't have a strong feeling about any of the others.

Hi Anne
I would like to put in a vote for Barbapapa too (as I would use for kids' b/day cards!) & I like tea/coffee pot too

Im probably too late to add but my first vote would be for the Cafe (Im sure youd expect me to say that). The yellow hut was another that I loved and was going to ask you to use all that time ago. Finally though the blue shelters is photo is a gem.

Hi Anne,

Aren't we the late ones. We pick the Teapot and the cute little yellow house. A hard choice though!

Yes, yes, the blue shelters! We used to use them as football goals, when holidaying at Trusville, Mablethorpe, in the 1970s!

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