Playmobil tramp and eh, German guy

I was very sad to hear that Hans Beck, founder of Playmobil has died, aged 79 (via things). I love Playmobil. It might be sacrilege to say this, but I think it's better than Lego. The little characters are so delightful and even though they are made of lots of little parts that wedge themselves between the floorboards I treasure every last plastic cuff.

Pictured above is a piece I thought I might have dreamt - a Playmobil jakey. I saw this somewhere (John Lewis probably, they always have the best selection) and didn't buy it (gah!) but Collectobil, the Playmobil collectors' site confirms it. A trawl through their back catalogue is a delight - check out the Antarctic set, Playmospace range and even a Playmobil Sherlock Holmes and Karate Kid. Respect due. RIP Hans.

oh, that is sad. I have a Playmobil Satan ("Halloween Costume") which I love.

Very sad. While I can't agree with "better than Lego" (although my wife might) Playmobil is superb. Brilliantly odd available characters. We, of course, interchange accessories: deepsea diver's dagger into spivvy, flat-capped gardener's hand = sixties-style serial killer.

Oh yes, that's part of the pleasure I think. Our house is full of strange hybrid pirate figures.

Is there a male/female divide for Lego v Playmobil? I admire Lego but when it comes down to it, I'm not really sure what to do with it except build a wall.

It's clear they have a lot of fun in Playmobil's R&D dept. Remember their short-lived rivals 'Busybodies'?

My brother and me always used to build super-mega-massive rockets from Lego. I once had a Lego Technic motorbike and sidecar that was ace, with an engine full of moving parts.

This is what sits along side my computer at work :

As for the Playmobil vs Lego discussion, I think there's only one way to find out . . .

DW x

I like the Sherlock best although/because the streamlining of his Playmobil silhouette has introduced a kind of Teddy Boy styling...

I remember you posting a nice Playmobil wheelchair user and carer combo: I was convinced that it had been modelled on Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge circa 1974.

Playmobil vs Lego: have your boys expressed a preference?

Male/Female divide? Don't like to generalise but I think there is. Karen struggles with Lego too while there's nothing I like more than impressing the kids with Lego-genuity. Karen would rather play with the Woodcutter's House Seth got for Xmas. And not because of his telescopic, snipper-style rifle...ptchow!

An army of lego spaceships would beat an army of playmobil Jakies hands down.

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