Red Trellick Tower skirt

Here's a good pairing - People Will Always Need Plates meet Clothkits to create A Trellick Tower skirt kit. It's available in different colours, some of which are in the sale. I know it would only be two minutes before I spilt a cup of tea down that, but it's lovely to look at.

Neat. I wish I had the legs for it.

I used to flog secondhand books and LPs from a barrow about 2cm away from her right knee.

If you come to North East Fife in about 6 months time you will see our little girl in one of these!
Thanks for bringing to my notice.
i too have very fond memories of Trellick Tower and its wilder inhabitants, also Meanwhile Gardens nearby.And the portugese cafes in Golborne road... lovely custard tarts and ultra thick coffee after degenerate nights and early mornings

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