Traditionally, Valentine's Day is not celebrated in our house, but I'm tempted to observe it this year because some of the cards are so nice. Here's three for starters:

Lisa Jones: Tunnel of Love Valentine's card

Tunnel of Love by Lisa Jones. She makes lots of great cards and has a fine blog.

Cuckoo for you by Present and Correct

Cuckoo for You by Present and Correct.

Jammie Dodger card by Asking for Trouble

Jammie dodger by Asking for Trouble.

More to come.

Cheers for this card round-up, Anne!

I ordered Marceline's Jammie Dodger card for my wife after reading about it here. It's so cute! I also picked up a couple of her ace heart-shaped bookmarks made from map cut-outs.

All-around lovely work at Asking for Trouble! Thanks for letting us know about it.

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