We are 100% solid from Present and Correct

From my card dealers of choice, Present and Correct here are some cards that are ideal for non-romantics, or romantics that don't like all that soppy hearts and flowers business. Firstly, my favourite We are 100% solid. That's lovely. If perchance anyone was going to get me a card this year (coughs loudly; looks across the room) I'd like this one.

Two people

2 people. This is cute but not too cute. Would work for weddings and engagements too.

Valentine wordsearch

Finally, Valentines wordsearch by Elephant's Graveyard. For the superdry word geek in your life.

These are just perfect. Present & Correct always gets it right!

BTW, I was chuffed to discover that we are "super" musically-compatible on Last FM. Nice one. xx

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