Crazy food tubs

I couldn't help but buy these Funny Food tubs from Paperchase. They had me with the mushroom but there are 3 more bonus containers. Look - a happy apple! I only expected 3 and then out popped the cherries. It's part of a range, aimed at kids presumably, but why should they have all the fun?

I only went in for a notebook...

those are super cute! they reminded me of a blog/store that i stumbled upon a while back that has really cute food storage containers that are similar in spirit:

i've never commented on your blog before, but i read it all the time. it's really great!

Hi Renee,

Welcome aboard. That's a great looking blog. Thanks for the tip!

That "mushroom" looks rather like the hallucinogenic and potentially deadly Fly Agaric toadstool... I hope there's no trouble ahead.

Oh I LOVE Paperchase. I can't walk past it and always end up buying something. Last time it was a wind-up robot. That'll be useful...

Cute. I hope Paperchase paid the designer properly, if at all. There track record on that sort of thing is, erm, not good.

They're fab! I didn't see 'em when I was in a coupla weeks agol I bought the tray and it's super cute!

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