I like Present and Correct's new hidden faces print, featuring faces in places you wouldn't quite expect. Made me think of the ever delightful Hello little fella Flickr pool.


Also right up my street is the library card birthday card. This is perfect for those cards that go round and round your office for a workmate, or for a discerning single librarian. If it's for the latter, I'd write on the back - it's far too good to tarnish with mere words. Well, maybe lightly with a pencil if you really have to.

You just made me spend 50 quid....

Hmmm. If I bought that birthday card now, would I manage not to lose it by my (librarian) mother's birthday in February...? Dilemma. I wish I'd seen this a month ago!

Super cute. I feel the same way about stickers as you do about that card. I've always got to have at least one extra copy of a sticker if I plan on sticking one.

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