Nardini's Cafe - vignette

We went to the newly reopened Nardini's today. It's looking fine. For anyone that wasn't treated to a trip there in their childhood (you poor mites), Nardini's is an amazing Italian cafe in Largs on the west coast of Scotland. Due to some family feud or other, it's been closed for years (there are warring factions of Nardinis and yes, Daniela is a relation).

Nardini's, Largs

It's in a really public spot on the Esplanade and was a bit of an eyesore. We peeked through the hoardings a few times - it was completely gutted inside which was heartbreaking as it's a big place and was full of art deco grandeur. So, finally it's back, looking very well, dispensing ice cream sundaes to locals and daytrippers. Like a little bit of the world has been put to rights.

Fab news, must take a trip down there soon. How is it inside? Have they restored it?

Hi Gordon,

It's really nice inside. Sort of the same, but different. They've upped the art deco factor and combined it with some modern bits. Like the bit where you buy cones is completely modern now.

I think it works really well though. Sad to see those magnificent toilets go but happy to see the old wicker tables and chairs. The new carpets are much nicer than the old ones. Anyway, see for yourself! It was a lovely place to go, especially at sunset.

This almost makes me want to return to Ayrshire... Remember going here as a youngster on day trips from Troon. Always a treat. Must remember to drop in when we are back in the summer. Anne, I guess this is where you were freezing to death at the weekend? ;)

This place looks amazing! Great photos, I'd love to visit one day for a sundae or two. xx

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