I meant to report back on the non-Midland bits of Morecambe, because they were good. Of all the seaside towns, in all the world (that we've visited) Morecambe feels like it has fallen the furthest. We've been a few times over the years and the good bits have been outweighed by the general sense of gloom and decay. But this time it felt different. Just a bit brighter, more bustling. There were still lots of boarded up shops (true everywhere at the moment) but there were lots of good things too. Such as:

  • The Tern Project and associated seaside sculptures including Eric Morecambe. A photo here is obligatory.
  • Brucciani's Cafe - going strong since the 1930s.
  • The Old Pier Bookshop - amazing Black Books-style bookshop. More on this at Nothing To See Here.
  • Breeze - a modern cafe in the West end near The Battery - their cakes looked amazing and the smoothies were really good. There's a decent playpark near here too. It's a nice walk from the Midland and on the way back you can go to...
  • The antiques market in the Alhambra - a good tip from Kate. This is a huge shed of a place full of antiques. The quality is good enough to be worth searching through, and cheap enough to feel like you might get a bargain.
  • The Polo Tower - it's not working (no sign of the Polo) but at least it's still standing. The state of it spawned a few "Far from mint condition" jibes and a call from the local councillor to boycott Polos.. It's had a clean since then.

And some bits we missed:

  • The Winter Gardens - Kate and Sonja (of the Snapshot Museum which is inside) assured me that these are beautiful. They're open sometimes at weekends, raising funds for a full restoration. The future looked very shaky for them a while ago so it's great that work is ongoing.
  • And last but not least, Sunset Ices - Kate's fantastic 1950s ice cream van which is stationed outside the Midland when the weather gets a wee bit brighter. Stop her and buy one!

Thanks for the Morecambe tips, love the sound of the antiques market and Sunset Ices. xx

It makes a refreshing change to read praise for the good parts of my town. I was beginning to think I was wearing rose tinted spectacles.

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