Tunnocks Teacakes drawing

Thanks to Will for pointing out hwayoungjung's drawings of iconic British products. There are only two Scottish things so far - Tunnock's Teacakes and Tunnock's Caramel Wafers. This set could be enhanced by some Irn Bru, Walker's shortbread, Abernethy biscuits, Highland Toffee, Edinburgh Rock, Lee's Macaroon and a Scotch pie.

Gold nuggets

There are many English products though. The notes are fabulous. See assorted biscuits for example - "my English Expert assures me for the English, these swim in everyones collective consciousness". Indeed.

these pictures are great! and educational too. you should also check out gillian kyle's screenprinted bags, etc - can't find her website but here's a photo of her scottish shopping bags http://dropstitchblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/presents-of-christmas-past.html should really be messages bags.

Wahey, you've solved a mystery there. My friend Sarah got me one of those Tunnock's Teacake bags for Christmas (it *is* sparkly) and I couldn't find any trace of who made it. I wanted to give it a plug.

That is an iconic Scottish line-up alright. Will look out for her other stuff now I know her name. Ta!

Wow, they're fab! They remind me of a 'Park Hampers' teatowel I found in a charity shop last week, covered in pics of famous brands. Must dig it out...

Oh, how fantastic.

Gotta say how much I love Tunnock's Teacakes. I mean, the packaging is just brilliant, and the teacakes themselves are just the softest, fluffiest marshmallows around. Such a fan.

Going to check out his English biscuits now. Hoping for Jammy Dodgers, Custard Creams, and Party Rings. xx

do tunnocks have open days? my 80 year old uncles father work there years ago and he would love to see if they still have any references partaining to him .

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