I can't believe the holidays are over already. We had a great time down south, did a million things and now my head is spinning trying to get back to normality (and work) tomorrow. So, not much to say at the moment except commiserations to all those in the same boat.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Hi Anne, Where did you go? We were in the Midlands, we may well have just missed each other.

Where didn't we go?! Our final destination was Camber Sands on the south coast (near Hastings) and as it was a long way we stopped in Birmingham and Chichester on the way and Knutsford on the way back.

Where were you?

We got as far as Birmingham and turned left to Rutland but probably passed you around Knutsford. Did you stop at Forton Services (Lancaster)? I got some great shots of the The Pennine Tower (to be blogged): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lancaster_(Forton)_services

Oh Rutland - we were talking about that. Along the lines of does that actually exist, where is it etc.

A holiday wouldn't be a holiday without a trip to Forton Services. We stopped there on the way back, for burgers and an end of holiday discussion about what our favourites bits were. Looking forward to your photos. I'll Flickr mine too.

The pictures are looking great. Looking forward to the story behind them.

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