Crowle v Cook: Layer Tennis

How tickled I am to be commentating on this week's All-UK Layer Tennis Match. For the uninitiated, Layer Tennis is a match between two designers, where they swap a photoshop file back and forth in a series of "volleys", building on it each time. They have 15 minutes to take their shot and after 10 rounds the spectators decide the winner. It is masterminded by those lovely Coudal people and a guest commentator (that would be me) provides a running commentary.

The delightful thing about tomorrow's comp is it's Simon "Cookie" Cook of the superb Made in England, versus the mighty Rex "Rexbox" Crowle. The briefest glance at their websites will give you an idea of the calibre of this game. Let's hope the excitement doesn't impair my speed typing.

It starts at 4pm BST tomorrow, so it's an early start for American viewers. But am or pm, it's going to be a blast. Do tune in if you can. Also available on Twitter.

Golly, the things you people get up to on Friday afternoons! Not that I can talk...

Well, exactly. I've had a few blank looks trying to explain it to non-internet types.

Anyway, will be great fun, I think.

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