Following on from Day 1. Well, there were no joys of Birmingham on a Saturday night. Only pissed up students and a 5am fire alarm. The joys.

Apart from that there weren't many adventures today. We tried to get away as fast as we could, which wasn't very fast due to a huge traffic jam on the M6. We hit Warwick, or Historic Warwick as it appears to be known for breakfast at lunchtime. Warwick was historic and half-shut, but I did find this nice shopfront.

At this point we remembered there were some Easter eggs in the boot (it was Easter Sunday) so it was time for an impromptu Easter egg hunt in Royal Leamington Spa. By chance the first park we found, Jephson Gardens was really beautiful. Full of lovely flowers and ducks, and a decent playpark. We stoated about for a bit in the sunshine eating our Easter bunnies then hit the road again. And that was it until we got to Chichester.

It was a nice day though, just getting from A to B with as little pain as possible. Tomorrow is a bit more exciting, honest.

Stoated is my new favourite verb.

For one delightful second I thought that said "Sid James Cameras".

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