We delighted in Pontin's pleasures (tiny motorbikes, ball pit, amusements, a broken air hockey machine that kept giving us free games) before venturing out to Rye, the nearest town. It's very picturesque. All higgledy-piggledy and old on top of a hill. Full of nice shops and cafes. Apparently the Cheeky Girls have moved here, but we didn't see them.

The Laughing Sailor, Rye

The Rye Heritage Museum and Town Model has a floor full of old pier working models (slot machines of the 'What the Butler Saw' variety). Some were a bit creepy but all were amazing considering their age. With very limited technology there were some quite complex stories, often funny and surprising.

Battle Stationers

As we were in 1066 country we followed the signs to Battle, which turned out to be a mistake. With hindsight it's obvious it was going to be a tourist trap - a little town with narrow streets overrun with tour buses. It would have cost us £17 to have the full 1066 experience, and to be honest, we weren't that interested so we asked the English Heritage man if there was anywhere you could just go and see the battlefield. Apparently there is a bit round the back of the car park but when we got there it was just a field. Might have been a historic field, but it was kind of hard to check. So we traipsed back to the car. Still, a shop called Battle Stationers is pretty funny.

Happy fry-up

Luckily a trip to Eastbourne was just the tonic. When I was wee, we used to drive my grampa there on his holidays and it doesn't seem to have changed much since then. God's waiting room and all that. I had an assignment in the town (of which, more later) which was in a sorry state. There is always a contrast between the seaside face of a resort and the working town, but the contrast in Eastbourne seemed particularly severe.

Macari's Cafe, Eastbournbe

Anyway, it all turned out well because by luck I walked past Macari's, a really lovely old cafe. It was empty so we nipped in for cappuccinos and lemon meringue pie.

Macari's interior

It was a all a bit of a rush, but it was a full and interesting day. To top it off, when we got back to Pontin's, Same Difference, the energetic brother-sister combo from last year's X Factor were playing. Sadly I missed it as I was minding the youngest member of the party who had conked out in the chalet, however I have it on good authority that they were 'tight'.

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Somehow you have made me wildly jealous of your trip to (humdrum) English towns. Even the photos look like they were taken with a camera bought in 1974. Why didn't they just set Life On Mars in Eastbourne, it would have been so much easier.

Good work all round.

Macari's looks ace. You certainly can find the poetry in a vinyl banquette. Can I nominate that one for the next set of postcards?

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