Pevensey Bay bungalow

I ran out of steam writing about day 4, but there's one last thing. A trip to Beachlands, a 1930s bungalow estate in Pevensey Bay between Eastbourne and Bexhill.

Following a spectacular line of "oyster" bungalows, the estate opens up into little houses of various shapes and sizes. Most were built in the 1930s so there's a bit of streamline moderne going on, and some straight Art Deco.

Pevensey Bay Beachlands bungalow

According to Sun, sea and sand: the great British seaside holiday (don't leave home without it), the estate was intended to have shops and a cinema, but the war started and the plans fell through. I've been admiring these sort of houses in Moxette's flickrstream for so long that it was a real treat to see so many at once. Thanks to Chris for the tip-off - gratefully received as we wouldn't have found it otherwise.

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