For a few years now, there's been talk of the girl group musical that Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian has been making. As with many of his projects, it sounds totally unlikely - he advertised for some girl singers in the paper, did online auditions and wrote a musical to suit these characters he imagined so clearly. But if there's one person who can pull this sort of thing off it's Stuart and now here's a sneak preview of God Help The Girl. I'm very excited. It sounds great.

The single, 'Come Monday Night' will be out on 11 May and the album on the 22nd June (23rd US). Hopefully at some point it will be turned into a full-on Umbrellas of Cherbourg-style film, full of mini-kilted international beauties.

Cheers for posting this, Anne! It sounds ace and I, too, hope it becomes a full-on proper film.

good finding anne. that does looks brilliant

and was that neil hannon in the video just near the end ?

Yes, Neil Hannon at the end. Should be interesting.

Well done for finding this and passing it on . . . looks just great.

DW x

thanks for that, I hadn't heard about that one...

i like it, so lovely.

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