Recommended on iplayer Time Shift: The North/South Divide which was on BBC4 last night. John Harris travels around England looking at the differences between the north and south and trying to pinpoint the mythical Watford Gap (not the real Watford Gap, which he finds quite easily).

It was like a cross between Stuart Maconie's In Search of the High Teas and Touring Britain, another BBC4 series where David Heathcote travels round the UK using old guidebooks as references. I've been soaking of all these up, and will be looking out for the north-south divide myself as we head to the centre of England tomorrow. Anyway, it was one of the more interesting programmes I've seen for a while, so I thought I'd flag it up.

Service will be intermittent for the next week or so. Thanks for all the travel tips. Happy Easter everyone.

I watched that programme and didn't really enjoy it, but then I did live in the 'north' for many years (prior to that I lived in the real north - Orkney!). Sheffield is a much more interesting and affluent city than the programme made out, and there's plenty of knowledge sector jobs there. I was pleased that the guy in Leeds spoke about the massive poverty gap, it is really shocking, I think Leeds should have looked to places like Glasgow and Sheffield to see how more inclusive regeneration can be instead of a load of designer shops.

I suppose showing all the posh houses of west Sheffield wouldn't have made good television though. I did enjoy the Godalming bit though, I have relatives there and it's just as he described.

Michael Smith's two series are also worth a look - Citizen Smith and Drivetime are both facsinating insites into our national identity. They're not on iPlayer any longer but keep an eye out - they should be shown again.

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