So, the Cook v Crowle All-UK layer tennis final was a blast. I'm glad I was officially on the fence, because I couldn't pick a winner out of these two. God bless them, they took it very seriously, rigging up their studio with painted desks and a net. After that the pressure was on for 10 quick-fire rounds. There was smoke coming out of my fingers as I tried to keep up and I wasn't even doing the hard part.

It was a great match. I really enjoyed watching it live, seeing the narrative unfold, and checking out the crowd's reaction (this is a great use of Twitter; now I get it with hashtags). Well, Britannia rules the waves and boy, were the rules waived as we went from a an idyllic island (above) through air pirates, sea beasties and knob gags to a triumphant ending.

The commentary was one of the trickiest things I've had to do - 5-10 minutes to write something witty that did the pictures justice was tough, but it was great to be caught up in the heat of it all. You can judge the winner for yourself on the Layer Tennis site. Thanks to Rex and Cookie for such a great game, and the folks at Coudal for asking me along.

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