Tyneham Village, Dorset

Here's another piece from Nothing To See Here, this time about the ghost village of Tyneham in Dorset. In the 1940s the War Office commandeered it for firing practice, and never gave it back. We visited in October on the way back from Corfe Castle. I wasn't sure what to expect from a ghost village but found it peaceful and thought-provoking.

Fantastic Voyage has a great post about Tyneham and other places, drawing on Patrick Wright's book The Village That Died for England. I quote:

Making an unexpected cameo appearance at one point are various members of the Archigram group who set architecture student projects there when teaching at the AA in the 1970’s. Coming across like an only slightly less absurd version of Withnail and I, David Greene and Warren Chalk buzz around the place with their long haired prodigies (including young Will Alsop) in clapped out vehicles and stride into local boozers ordering quadruple whiskies.

That's a unlikely combination. Access is restricted to certain days of the year. More pictures in this Flickr set and more about abandoned communities in the UK.

Wow Anne, this is fascinating, I never knew about this. Thanks!

That Patrick Wright book is great.

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