Our Easter holiday was a bit of a marathon. Glasgow to Camber Sands (East Sussex) via Birmingham, Chichester and Knutsford. 1465 miles in all - 3 Travelodges, 1 holiday camp, 6 motorways, 3 churches (2 cathedrals), 2 model villages, 3 miniature railways, 6 motorways, 5 motorway services, 3 museums, lots of ice creams and too many chips.

But to start at the beginning, this is what we got up to. I'll warn you now, it's going to go on a bit.

Day 1 - Glasgow to Birmingham

Meriden, the centre of England

First place of note is Meriden, said to be the geographical centre of England. There's a monument on the village green to this effect. At the other end is an obelisk commemorating cyclists who died in the war. As Adventures on the High Teas will tell you, it's not the exact centre. Hey ho.

The Centre of England charity shop

Everything was Centre of England this, Heart of England that, even the charity shops. As there are many references, it seems churlish to split hairs. It's probably near enough.

Coventry Cathedral stained glass window

Next we went to Coventry for a peek at its cathedral designed by Sir Basil Spence. It was beautiful, awe-inpiring - all the things that a cathedral should be. The stained glass was particularly fine.

Lady Godiva clock, Coventry

The only downside to this was spending time in the cathedral made us just miss Coventry's spectacular mechanical clock where Lady Godiva rides out on her horse, buck naked and Peeping Tom (the Peeping Tom) keeks out of the window to see her. Here she is in action. I had no idea that this was where Peeping Tom came from, or what Lady Godiva was all about so it was an education.

We hung about for a while but occupying ourselves for another 55 minutes was a tall order, so we split for the big city - the joys of Birmingham on a Saturday night. For more on Coventry here's some 1960s footage of the city centre when it was shiny and new, and the rest of the day's photos.

Oh my goodness, I HAVE to see nudey Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom. Just brilliant.

Sounds like you had a lovely trip. xx

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