Londoners take note, a new plaque "in the memory of Heroic Self-Sacrifice" will be unveiled in Postman's Park on 3 June 09, Wednesday, between 12-4pm. It's organised by The Watts Gallery and there are more details on their excellent website.

I wrote about Postman's Park on Nothing To See Here when I visited last year (it's very writeable about) so won't go into details again. Suffice to say it has been the most popular NTSH article of all time - it catches a lot of people's imagination. It sounds like a really interesting afternoon so if any of you are going do tell all.

Oh! I love Postman's Park - v. exciting to hear about a new plaque. If I wasn't at work I'd head over for the grand unveiling.

It was a great afternoon - full account and a few pics on my blog, but in summary there were talks, dramatic performances, a Victorian song, books and cream teas. The sunshine just about lasted out, and everyone seemed to have a good time - I certainly did! The new plaque is just to the side of the memorial, and explains what it's about: perfect for those who just happen across it.

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