'Birdwatchers' at Cape Canaveral

I did a bit of work on another one of my other sites This is M. Sasek earlier this year. It had fallen into disrepair so I've cleaned it up and added a news blog and a Twitter feed. There’s still a bit of work to do but it’s definitely easier to follow.

There's already been a fair bit of action this year with This is Greece out in February and This is the Way to the Moon (which was This is Cape Canaveral originally, then This is Cape Kennedy) out on 1 June in the UK - a must for Cold War kids everywhere.

For anyone not familiar with M. (for Miroslav) Sasek there's a lot more detail on the website. If you haven’t seen the This is... books it’s worth seeking them out. There are 18 in the series and they're all delightful in one way or another. Sasek's style has been hugely influential and he's often namechecked by big names in illustration and animation. It's easy to spot echoes of his work all over the place which makes his books feel classic rather than dated.

Update: buying the books

In case it's not obvious there are links to Amazon US and UK on the page for each title. Alternatively, the This is M. Sasek US and the UK bookstores have all the books for sale under one roof. They're also for sale in a lot of good book shops but I'm not sure how many places carry the whole range. Amazon usually do good deals if you buy a few titles together.

nice work.
How can I get a copy of the walk to Paris book?

Didn't know that was your site, it's great. It's such a valuable resource, really wonderful that it's all so accessible. And inspiring!
Looking forward to Way to the Moon.

Hi Charlie

You can get This is Paris from Amazon here. If you want to get them IRL Gosh! usually have a good stock.

"This is the Way to the Moon" is released on 23rd June, "This is Australia" is released 22nd September.

GOSH! have the complete reprint run in stock at all times.


Oh, and Anne, I've a copy of the 1970 version of "This is London" (bright green cover) with updated images including Carnaby Street and the Post Office tower.

Would you like me to send you some scans?

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