Text Island by Chris Gavin at Tandem Films is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. A short animated film made almost entirely with a pinboard and some old plastic letters, it's incredibly inventive. I love those old sign boards at the best of times, but this takes it to a new level (via Creative Review blog).

that is SOOOOOOO clever!

I have to agree with you this is brilliant, very clever... and if I'm correct I have one of those sign boards in the attic, mmmmmm!!!

Go for it! It probably only took a couple of years to make ;)

In addition to everything else that's exceptionally clever and wonderful about this film, it really demonstrates the power of good sound design.

that is astonishing, every detail was covered it sounded great, the use of the letters was amazing. i would have never thought to do something like this

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