My earliest memory

My earliest memory is looking up at these horse chestnut trees on Prince Albert Road in Dowanhill (in Glasgow's leafy West End). We lived in a flat on Hyndland Road so used to pass this way going to Byres Road. Who knows why it's stuck in my head but my mind wanders back to it fairly regularly, like a mental screensaver. The thing that makes me think it's my earliest memory is that I was being wheeled along. I vividly remember looking straight up and watching the leaves roll past.

I hardly ever go there now but was there last week so stopped and looked again. I thought something magical might happen but I nope, they're just trees. What a strange picture to have stuck in my mind.

What's yours?

Interestingly mine is looking at the moss on the paving stones as I walked a way the complete opposite to yours, but in some ways so similar!

Two main ones - the first very similar to yours but with damsons, the second involving an attempt to boil an egg without two important notions:

1) you need water


2) plastic bowls melt.

Damsons! That's exotic.

I also have a very vivid early memory of making scrambled eggs.

Being carried downstairs wrapped in a towel and then my mum drying me in front of the fire. What I remember about it was feeling embarrassed as there was a visitor in the house.

Is there a Hyndland church on Hyndland Road? If so, my best friend got married there. xx

Yes, Stuart Murdoch from B&S was the janitor in one. Would that be it? It's quite grand.

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