Funland - our top seller!

Well, business got off to a slow start but I'm pleased to say you can now buy I like cards in actual shops up and down the land. New stockists are as follows (in geographical order):

Thanks to everyone in the shops above for giving them a go. If you're passing please pop in. If you don't buy some of my stuff buy someone else's as they all stock some really great things. If you can recommend anyone near you who might like to stock the cards could you let me know? I've had many knockbacks but will persevere.

For anyone not near these fine establishments, the cards are available in the shop or from Folksy. Order now for Father's Day, if your dad's into that sort of thing.

Ooh, great cards... that's the second time someone has mentioned the DCA to me – going to have to check it out :)

Hi Zoe - thanks! Yes, the DCA is great. They've got some really good stuff. It's certainly worth a trip if you're in Dundee.

Don't worry about the knockbacks, your audience thinks they're great (cake/comfort eagle/comfort eagle [spotify] will put the lowest-common-denominator numptie- philistines in context). Will make a detour to DCA to buy some this week on my way up to Inverness. We want more! YOU ROCK DEAR!

Thank you psygeo - that's possibly the best compliment I've ever received!

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