A little bit buried, for obvious reasons, is the sad news of Sky Saxon's death. His band The Seeds, were legendary - for their haircuts as much as their music. Mr Farmer had a regular slot on the playlist at Texas Fever, the first indie club I remember going to in Glasgow, and a number of the young men in attendance rocked that Sky Saxon look. I've noticed the odd young fella in similar garb lately. It's hard not to notice a giant bowl cut and some very tight trousers really.

More Seeds videos on YouTube:

Sad news indeed! They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Oh, such very sad news.

By a strange turn of events he ended up coming to my birthday party a handful of years back. He took control of the record player, put the most recent Seeds album on repeat(Red Planet, I believe), and sang along to it for the rest of the night. It was the best dance party ever.

What a great story, and a fine memory to have of your birthday.

Everybody's just up and dying lately. Sucks.

Thanks for covering this, Anne! I love those old Seeds records dearly and was very sad to hear of Sky's passing. None of the Stones, Beatles or Small Faces had a thing on ol' Sky: he was the coolest cat on the block!

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