Sundae Sundays

I was at the Glasgow School of Art degree show last week, and was delighted by Sundae Sundays: a guide to Glasgow's ice cream parlours by Rosie Ferrier and Louise Lockhart in the Visual Communication Dept. As the name suggests, for their research they ate a sundae every Sunday in Glasgow's finest classic cafes and selected their top ten. The surroundings (and often the owners) are sketched and compiled into this lovely book, with a handy map included.

Queen's Cafe

Obviously, this made my heart sing, but the one thing that makes it even more amazing is my family are in it. We visited Tomasso's on Crow Road (an old haunt of mine) a few weeks ago and I did notice that the girls at the next table were sketching away. While they were surreptitiously sketching our table I was surreptitiously looking at their sketch book which is why I'm not in the picture - they finished off while I was getting up to pay in case I minded. I didn't want to pry but was intrigued and am now delighted to see where all their efforts were going.

The boys in Tomasso's

At the moment there are only two copies of this book but Rosie and Louise are keen to get it printed. Anyone fancy a copy? There are more pictures on Louise's website - tasty stuff. The degree show is on for the rest of the week (until Friday?) and there are some other great things in it so it's well worth a visit.

hi, Anne, I love the pictures from the book & i love the story.

i have a similar story about a painting i own. so lovely when that happens.

i hope life is good.


ps. why not print the book for them & share the money? i would buy one

Thanks Dan, life is good at the moment. Hope it's the same for you.

I did think about helping with the printing but I'm up to my eyes in it with the cards and other projects. I can think of a few people who might be able to help so will keep in touch and see what happens. I do hope it comes out somehow.

What a great story!

Thanks Allison. It was lovely to get to meet them. Turns out they read I like and had enjoyed the cafe photos there, so I'm glad I could help!

Fabulous. I love degree shows - you never know what gems you'll find.

Fantastic! I'd be interested in buying one, looks like the sort of thing Hitherto would have stocked.

Hi Anne, This is amazing! I love the drawings, and so fantastic that they captured you and yours in one of your favourite haunts.
sorry I've not been in touch for ages - time has been flying by!
I'd DEFINATELY buy the book...
I wonder if we could do a small exhibition from the pages of the book in the windows of my ice cream van? I'd like to - if there's a way... hmmmmm???
Best wishes,

Like the sketches thanks for sharing them

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