Notre Dame College of Education, Bearsden

The Rubble Club is a support group for bereaved architects. From the website:

The Rubble Club is an organisation to remember buildings demolished in their architect’s lifetime. The Club has three key ground rules:
  • Firstly the building’s architect must be alive and not party to its destruction
  • secondly the building must be built with the intention of permanence (exhibitions, shops and interiors are not eligible)
  • thirdly it must be deliberately destroyed or radically altered, it can’t simply burn down.

It was suggested by Isi Metzstein of Gillespie Kidd and Coia who has seen a few of his buildings disappear, including the partially demolished Notre Dame College of Education in Bearden. There's already a lively debate on most articles, from supporters who feel that more could be done to save the building in question, and detractors who point out the fatal flaw in the architect's plan. For Notre Dame it's the flat roofs, based on Moroccan architecture, transplanted to the soggy west of Scotland.

oh my days, that is SUCH a horrible building. It deserves to be destroyed. Lets face it - architects are not the most inherently practical of people. Flat rooves (sorry, but thats how I was taught to spell the plural of roof) will eventually leak, wherever they are. And yet architects continually demand them for "aesthetic" reasons. They don't have to live with the damp, after all. Look at that fool Corbusier's buildings - totally impractical. I think it should be written into every architect's contract that they have to live (or work) in the building they design for 18 months after completion. There were a huge group of suits from the architectural practice who designed our local library in there yesterday, all slapping each other on the back in a congratulatory fashion yesterday. Yet none of them live locally so dont have to use the building on a regular basis. Its poorly lit, badly laid out and stifling hot in the summer - and cold as ice in the winter. I desperately wanted to buttonhole them and pull the wool from their eyes.

pretty harsh comments for a cool building...but if it doesnt work, knock it down.

I'm very glad that that's not the bit of Notre Dame College that's been demolished, and not just because it annoys the "OMG, concrete, eugh".

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