John o'Groats

Well, that was a lovely week off. We hired a motor home (adventure!) and drove up north, from Glasgow to John O'Groats, then down again, across to the west coast and over the sea to Skye and the Outer Hebrides. As usual we tried to pack a bit too much in but the motor home made it easy to drift about wherever the wind took us.

Ardmair Beach

We saw lots of islands and lochs and mountains, incredible beaches, and plenty of wildlife like seals, puffins and deer. Plus lots of RAF Tornados roaring up the glens.


I didn't write that, but Scotland does indeed rule big time.

I've always thought so!

Oh I'm so jealous...sounds like you had a wonderful time...was the motorhome easy to drive/live in/manouevre?

Well, since you've asked... I was going to write all about it but thought it might be as bit dull. But I will now, when I've got a mo.

In short: yes.

Why does the signpost have a pointer saying "Your town, 5th July?"

Ha, nice graffiti. I can't believe you saw puffins! I want to see puffins! Sounds like a great trip. xx

The puffins were great. We needed binocs though as they were out on the sea stacks. So cute the way they hop around.

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