A guide to seasonal vegetables

I'm always a sucker for a natty tea towel, so here's one that's useful and attractive - a guide to seasonal vegetables by Stuart Gardiner. Found on the excellent To Dry For, for all your tea towel needs. They have a good sale on at the moment with Mr PS and People Will Always Need Plates tea towels going cheap. I just bagged me a Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral one - mighty fine.

People really have £11.50 to spend on a tea towel?? Crikey.

Yeah, I know. That's why I wait for the sales.

They do seem to have become the new present for people who have everything.

I do love that you share a tea-towel obsession with me. I do love this seasonal vegetables one, and it's about time I got a Mr PS one. They're stocking them in the Museum of London shop, now! xx

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