Northern Fish Bar, Elgin

We're going up north again at the weekend. This time, going in a sort of triangle from Glasgow to Nairn, along the coast to Fraserburgh then down, through the interior and home again.

We've been to all of these places before and they're lovely, but I just wondered if any of you have any tips for things to do/see, particularly with a Nothing To See Here bent? I've got a few things on the list but am keeping them quiet after getting some stuff nicked from NTSH recently. It's made me a bit paranoid. Anyway, suggestions gratefully received. All will be revealed sometime soon.

Despite that being my old neck of the woods, I can't think of anything in particular. However, if you pop into my mum's shop in Portsoy ( I'm sure she will have lots of ideas for you! Have fun.

Nairn games on sat

I come from Elgin but, like Marceline, would have found it hard to recommend anything in particular up that way. I do like the way Elgin shops and signs look so vintage these days but I guess I still see it through my grumpy teenage (someone get me out of here!) eyes. So no worries that I am too late to recommend anything anyway! Sorry, this was kind of a pointless comment... :)

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