No 39 to St Helens

We had the pleasure of visiting the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond (near Dunfermline in Fife) on Sunday. It's not very well advertised - I only heard about it from Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, which itself is a well-kept secret.

For a small charge you can come and wander about the sheds, seeing buses of all shapes and sizes. The old single deckers are beautiful things, all graceful and curvaceous. The signs and lettering are generally beautiful.

The luggage altar

You can worship at the altar of luggage, and work out which place in Scotland has the funniest name. Yetts of Muckhart? Auchtertool? Halfway?

Bus pin-up

And ogle the bus pin-ups. Phwoar.

It's quite a big place, set in an old RAF base and as part of the admission price you get a tour of the estate on an old double-decker. The opening hours are quite restricted but they're having an open weekend on 15-16 August (this Saturday and Sunday) and I would heartily recommend a visit.

Nice pics. Particularly the double-decker! Down here in London,we have to put up with these bendy monstrosities now.

boy that looks like a fine day out. the mrs has startted giggling 'bus spotter' at me when she thinks i can't hear (too distracted by some bus loveliness)

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