Voltaire & Rousseau by Wil Freeborn

Glasgow's Otago Lane, home of Voltaire and Rousseau and Tchai Ovna, is under threat from proposed development. If the application is granted four blocks of flats and six commercial units will be added at the end of the lane. I can't picture how they'd fit them on, but if permission is granted Tchai Ovna would have to close and the character of the lane would change completely.

There was a great feature about Voltaire & Rousseau in the Sunday Herald last week, showing how much it means to some people. It's only a small part of Glasgow in the great scheme of things but if it matters to you check out the Save Otago Lane website and get involved.

Picture by Wil at Ghost School.

It seems crazy to add a residential place which will end up doing harm to what made its so desirable in the first place. Its charming because its a magical wee nook in the west end.

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