Pennan phone box

We went to Pennan the other week, to pay homage to Local Hero. It was shot here (although not literally) and in various locations around Scotland. A steady stream of pilgrims make their way down the short and winding road to find a very famous phone box, a closed pub (to reopen at last) and not much else. But the little that's there is very sweet. Even the beach has a cinematic feel to it. That driftwood is so perfectly imperfect that it might be a prop, carefully placed to impress visitors. I thought calling this 'the most famous phone box in Britain' was uncontroversial but as Steviet points out, there is another contender.

Ash Road phone box, Cumbernauld

This one from Ash Road in Cumbernauld, used as a changing room in Gregory's Girl. This photo is from a great set by Route9autos showing Gregory's Girl locations then and now. Boy, Bill Forsyth really loved those phone boxes. And while the first one is more photogenic, I will always be Gregory's girl.

I love GG too! So many wonderful one liners, that make me laugh again and again!!

I loved Gregory's Girl although was surprised a few weeks ago when I caught part of it on tv at how old fashioned it seemed - in particular the English accented characters seemed more 1940s than early 80s.

English accents? Are there any? Was it dubbed?

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