Jug of tea van, Morecambe

Regular readers will know that Morecambe's Jug of Tea stand has long turned to dust, but still it lives on in the nation's heart. So well done to Trevira for looking in detail at this busy postcard of Morecambe's Marineland and spotting a little tiny Jug of Tea van. From this a seaside icon was born. The Jug of Tea - R.I.P. Flickr pool catalogued the kiosk in its final resting place near the Arena Funfair before it was demolished in the name of progress. When we were in Morecambe in February it wasn't any clearer what would take its place. Any word on what's going to replace it?

Marvellous isn't it?

According to this


It's going to be "a new public amenity area called Seaside Square, which aims to provide flexible external spaces for food and drink, events, outdoor seating and public art. "

I can't be the only one to reach for the gin every time I see the word "public art" can I?

The site has been cleared and is now grassed over. Due to the current economic climate it doesn't look like anything will be going on the site in the near future.

I still can't believe they knocked down the original bandstand on the site (as well as the JOT, obviously).

Thanks for featuring my little discovery Anne!

Personally, I would be angry if it was left as a patch of grass. If you're going to demolish something, at least replace it with something new and worthy of the location - like the landmark Heatherwick cafe at Littlehampton.

Its hard to argue for the architectural merit of the Jug of Tea building, despite its loyal community of admirers (me included), but the unique Deco bandstand could easily have been restored and would have made a fitting visual complement to the nearby Midland Hotel.

Pass me that gin, Gareth!

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