Fittie shack, Aberdeen

Off Kilter, Jonathan Meades' new series on BBC Four is a three-parter about Scottish architecture. Joy of joys. The first programme tonight was all about Aberdeen. I don't think I've seen an hour-long programme about Aberdeen before, never mind a good one. It sometimes feel like the further north everything gets, the quicker it's glossed over, and generally there's a lack of focus. Much as I love Coast, I wish they would slow down a bit.

So it was great to see a programme that really captured the feel of a place and went slowly enough for Meades to fit in a few trademark rambles. It was a pleasure to see Aberdeen in all its glory too. The shack above, from Footdee featured heavily, quite rightly. I can't wait to see where else he ends up.

"A Glaswegian approach to town planning" - that line had us in stitches. Next week he's on Lewis and Harris.

He's H. V. Morton and Lucinda Lambton rolled into one - a nice feat if you have the vocabulary for it... oh - he does! Your man is worthy, no question.

Wendy - Yeah, that was a good line. I loved all the combover jokes near the end too.

Ed - my son was watching the start and had obviously never seen anyone talk like that. He was asking what it all meant, but I couldn't even begin to translate.

He's a national treasure for sure.

All the local artists were going loopy with delight as Meades slagged off bad developers - there was quite a buzz on Facebook last night. Really made up for Scotland's miserable performance against Holland.

thankyou ever so for this - it would've passed me by like the rest of telly and i wouldn't've had a brilliant hour laughing and gasping and marveling at just how amazing telly can be when people know how to say stuff are allowed on to say stuff. i'm practically waving an i love the bbc flag out of the window. (wish it hadn't been stuck in the mysterious 'other' section of the iplayer mind).
ta again and roll on lewis

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