What I wore today by Gemma Correll

The What I wore today (drawings only) Flickr pool is an illustrated antidote to the rash of fashion blogs that show deeply fashionable people and their wardrobe remixes (What Katie Wore being a prime example). The whole pool is full of really fantastic drawings of normal people, their sad faces and their slouchy clothes. Hooray!

It was started only last week by fab Norwich-based illustrator Gemma Correll who is collecting her entries in a blog. There's a great interview with her on The Red Door Gallery blog - I like these sort of interviews that ask people about their influences and their workspaces and that sort of thing. I can really see Grandma Giles in these drawings but would never have made the connection without Gemma citing Giles as an influence.

I just looked at the pictures on What Katie Wore and never read any of it and I'm not sure if that's fashionable or if someone is taking the proverbial? Oh dear.

I thought it was serious and also ludicrous, but then I'm old.

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