The Adamant

It has been a busy week haring round different places before they close up for the winter. On Thursday the destination was Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, to visit its fantastic Victorian toilets. Lucinda Lambton, Britain's foremost toilet enthusiast described the urinals as "the world's finest". Full story on Nothing To See Here.

Kelburn Castle

Yesterday we went to the Clyde Coast again to visit Kelburn Country Park. In 2007 part of Kelburn Castle was transformed by four Brazilian graffiti artists including Os Gêmeos.

The idea was suggested by Lord Glasgow's son and daughter, as the render on the castle needs to be removed sometime soon. The murals were only supposed to stay up for a couple of years but have been extended (for another 18 months I think?) due to popularity.

It has been controversial (the owner hates it apparently) but I thought it looked great and the kids loved it. It's a pretty brave thing to do, especially going for someone (1) international and (2) graffiti-based. There are some interesting comments on David Airey's blog about the pros and cons. If you want to judge for yourself the grounds are open all year round.

Hi Anne, just a quick thanks for the mention. I appreciate that.

No problem. Your post was very thorough and it was really interesting to hear different views, especially the ones who thought it was wrong to deface a historic building.

It made me realise that not everyone is used to seeing castles everywhere.

Gosh, kelburn castle looks awesome! I remember we used to go there when I was young. They had some wonderful walks through the woods.

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