Last weekend involved an interesting trail around Dundee and Angus. I'd like to pretend that it was all cultural, but a lot of it was searching for a fudge doughnut from Fisher & Donaldson, the local bakers.

To cut a long story short, we quickly learned that Fisher & Donaldson, which has bakeries in Dundee and St Andrews, is closed on a Sunday. Happily, as we drove home dejected and fudge doughnutless we passed their new cafe/chocolate factory in Cupar which is open on Sundays. Yay! I recommend the Dr Floyd loaves, oatcakes and their great line of Halloween cakes.

Scotland's Secret Bunker

We were in the vicinity to visit Scotland's Secret Bunker which closes for the season on 2 November. It was very good. Can't tell you anything else because it was secret...

Oh, Scotland' secret Bunker is the best! I went there a few years ago and I loved every bit of it. x

I liked it there too. Been to the one at Kelveden Hatch (which Im sad to say was better).

They are my local bakers; they are always coming out with little seasonal delights such as snowdrop biscuits, halloween creamy horrors and little marzipan frogs.

I have some secret Bunker photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gair_dunlop/sets/72157600330901448/
if you're interested.

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