I've just sent this out to the mailing list (there is a mailing list) and thought it might be worth repeating. If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas there's a round-up of lovely things that have been featured here at and a whole mini-bookshop full of interesting books in the I like Amazon astore.

I've also been picking all the featured items at Folksy - all handmade in the UK. There are great things there for all ages and all pockets. The photo above is a Christmas sprout from Sew Sew. The last one has just sold but hopefully there are more. Never have sprouts been so popular.

I like postcards - set 3

Due to popular demand, there's a new set of 8 I like postcards. Just in time for Christmas. They're not Christmassy at all, more like an end of year best of. So we've got:

17: Dodgems, Barry Island
18: Lighthouse, Dungeness
19: Tunnock's cyclist, Uddingston
20: Tub of chips, Barry Island
21: Salt and vinegar, Elgin
22: Blackpool Model Village
23: Rock face, Eastbourne
24: Super, Great Yarmouth

This is the third set of postcards. The first set is sold out, and the second is still available in the shop. Either set costs £3 + 50p P+P in the UK. Thanks as always to davidthedesigner for making them look so fantastic.

Buy some today!

[This isn't the best product photo, btw. Very tricky taking photos indoors in the winter. They look much better than that in real life.]

Wil from Ghost School in the Sunday Herald

Nation in a scuzzy notebook, is a great interview with Wil from Ghost School in this week's Sunday Herald. His sketches look amazing and it's great to hear the stories behind them. And I even get a wee mention, which was a nice surprise. Wil has put it all online so you can read it if you go large on Flickr (page 1, page 2).

The Sugar House, El Paso, TX

After a little rest, Nothing To See Here is back with a (IMHO) great find from regular US contributor Mr Kimberly. The Sugar House (Case de Azucar) in El Paso, Texas is a modern folly. A beautiful piece of yard art made by one man over a period of 30+ years.

Are there things like this in the UK? I could think of some shell houses but not much more. Any ideas?

Rubber stamp necklace by Niche Handmade

I've been admiring these necklaces made from vintage illustrations by Niche Handmade on Folksy. The rubber stamp necklace is a particular favourite, along with the Little City necklace. These paper mache birds are also really cute. Nice work!


We had a day out at Whitelee Windfarm today, Europe's largest onshore windfarm. It's 20 minutes or so outside Glasgow on Fenwick Moor, a bleak foreboding place now transformed into an extraordinary visitor attraction. The moor was a mix of farm land, blanket bog and commercial forest but now it's home to 140 wind turbines with paths winding through them. It's a really striking landscape - awe-inspiring to be up close and personal with these gentle giants.

Turbine 54

Since opening in September it has been completely mobbed, and today (beautifully sunny) it was full of walkers, runners and cyclists, shattering some myths about Scots and exercise. There's a visitor centre run by Glasgow Science Centre which tells you all about windpower and renewable energy. You can even build your own windfarm and plant toy turbines in a model landscape. It gave me a lot to think about and will end up on Nothing To See Here when I've got more time to write.

Whitelee Windfam at sunset

The visitor centre closes at the end of November and opens again in Spring. More photos on Flickr.

Arts Tower stand-up calendar from We Live Here

Loving these Brutalist standee calendars from Sheffield's ever excellent We Live Here.

Get Carter Car Park stand-up calendar from We Live Here

Available in Get Carter Car Park, Trellick Tower, Park Hill and Arts Tower flavours.

Vision On poster

Readers of a certain age will remember the delight that was Vision On. Presented by avuncular art legend Tony Hart who died last year, it ran from 1964-1976 on the BBC and showcased art and animation from artists and kids alike.

Two of the most memorable things about it are The Gallery theme and the great Vision On logo, designed by Tony Hart himself. Happily Trunk Records are selling Vision On prints and t-shirts. Tony Hart's estate get some of the proceeds and they're selling out fast, so get in there. (Thanks Andrew for the tip).

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