We had a day out at Whitelee Windfarm today, Europe's largest onshore windfarm. It's 20 minutes or so outside Glasgow on Fenwick Moor, a bleak foreboding place now transformed into an extraordinary visitor attraction. The moor was a mix of farm land, blanket bog and commercial forest but now it's home to 140 wind turbines with paths winding through them. It's a really striking landscape - awe-inspiring to be up close and personal with these gentle giants.

Turbine 54

Since opening in September it has been completely mobbed, and today (beautifully sunny) it was full of walkers, runners and cyclists, shattering some myths about Scots and exercise. There's a visitor centre run by Glasgow Science Centre which tells you all about windpower and renewable energy. You can even build your own windfarm and plant toy turbines in a model landscape. It gave me a lot to think about and will end up on Nothing To See Here when I've got more time to write.

Whitelee Windfam at sunset

The visitor centre closes at the end of November and opens again in Spring. More photos on Flickr.

Living where I do (the flatlands of East Anglia) there are constant battles by the locals against any windfarms - which I think is a shame because I think they often add to a landscape.

Am impressed to see how close you can get to the turbines too . . .

Look forward to reading more.

DW x

I see this everyday as I drive up the A725, it was glorious this morning, a thin veil of mist as the sun rose. Must go for a visit!

You'd both love it, I'm sure.

Great potential for cloudspotting, DW.

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