Tinyment by Finch and Fouracre

Tinyments are tiny, perfect models of Glasgow tenements, made by Finch and Fouracre. Made from nickel silver, they're supplied flat, ready to be clicked into place.

Tenement model kits by Finch and Fouracre

They also make red and blonde sandstone tenements kits which require a bit more assembly. You can get them from the Finch and Fouracre shop or from their Etsy store. My only complaint is that there's only one variety. It would be great to see them in different shapes and sizes, just like the real ones, so you could build a wee Glasgow street.

I love these, but hadn't seen the sandstone one yet, looks a lot like the Edinburgh tenement I live in.

How gorgeous! I think a little street of them (different ones, like you said) would be so perfect.

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