Munchmallows tea towel Dip in

I've been enjoying the Nostalgia & Retro section of All Tea Towels. Lots of vintage advertising and Ladybird book tea towels.

London 2010: Introduction from stml on Vimeo.

Fans of Patrick Keiller's 1994 film London may be interested in James Bridle's London 2010 project, where he is painstakingly refilming each scene in present day London.

London takes place over the course of a year, you never see the characters and it's shot in static frames. So if you were going to refilm a film it's more manageable than most (still quite an undertaking though). I could watch it over and over again and often wondered where some of the locations are and if they still exist. Now I'm happy. Every shot is collected in a London 2010 Flickr set. To complete the project can anyone help to identify any of these unidentified locations?

Day of the Dead skeleton girl figurine by Deadly Pretty Things

Just realised this is the first post of the new year - happy 2010 everyone.

I was thinking about writing some more end of year round-ups, or some new year resolution-type things but changed my mind. Instead here's something that tickled me - Deadly Pretty Things is Bristol skateboarder Jason Hills, who repaints those familiar insipid China figurines as Day of the Dead figures. A great improvement, I'd say.

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